Temporary extra authentication step for MINA & EPIweb

An additional step has been added to the external authentication process to access any internal EP website (e.g MINA or EPIweb) from a private computer, tablet or smartphone. This change was introduced by DG ITEC to address an urgent & ongoing cybersecurity vulnerability.

To access internal EP websites such as MINA or EPIweb, follow the steps below:

> Step 1 (NEW!!): Perform token authentication with username, PIN code & SMS token (or physical token) at the Network Access Service website: https://lauth1.europarl.europa.eu/PortalMain

/!\ If you do not perform this new first step, the normal authentication steps will not work and it will appear as if MINA/EPIweb are offline.

> Steps 2 and 3 (same as before): Perform token authentication once more using the links below as usual. On the next page enter your credentials (username & password).

NB: If you do the 1st step at home and do the 2nd step and 3rd step inside the EP, you will have to do once again the 1st step inside the EP because the 1st step only authorise the Wi-Fi name as secure connection and you have changed of Wi-Fi network.

Read the guide "How to connect to MINA" for more details

Intepreter colleagues can consult their assignments on Vocal by phone:
+800 1718 1718 (International toll-free number) - for other numbers go to the Help page - Get connected

 DG LINC - Information Technology & IT Support Unit

If you need assistance: our contacts are available on the help page

EP Applications for DG LINC staff (officials and ACIs)

European Parliament applications require a temporary extra authentication step (see the message above) + the usual authentication with token

EC Applications for ACIs

European Commission applications require authentication through EU login

Other Applications for EP Staff

Require authentication with token, or through EU login

Interpreter Tools

Accessible to designated users